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Re: Date Rape Drug???

 In article <31cd56aa.7289481@>,
 Emil Ysona <> wrote:
 >There has been some talk on TV and the radio concerning a "date rape"
 >drug. Does anybody know what it is??? 
 	This is the advertisement scheme for a valium analog called
 rohypnol, I think works by increasing the inhibitory action of GABA making
 it a GABA agonist. Television has named it "roofie" ...  The people I know
 of in the drug scene say this stuff doesn't exist.  I would say that 
 this whole thing is either prohibitionist scare tactics or just tabloid
 telivision gone mad.  Also add murder to the rape charge, giving someone
 enough rohypnol to knock them out with alcohol, as my local newspaper 
 recomends, could cause resperitory failure and or heart failure ... 
 >I was once given an IV drug that knocked me out AND when I woke up I
 >had no idea that I had been out. Could this be it?
 	Probably not.  
 >Tnx-  Emil