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Babylon 5 FAQ (E): Setting for season 3

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 Last-modified: 3 May 1996
 |  BABYLON 5 FAQ, part (E):         |
 |  Setting for season #3            |
 |                                   |
 |  A guide for viewers who wish to  |
 |  catch up to the events  leading  |
 |  up to  season 3,  "Point of  No  |
 |  Return."  This is the year 2260  |
 |  in the opening credits.          |
 |                                   |
 |  This holds SPOILERS  for season  |
 |  1 & 2  episodes.                 |
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     Contents of this document
     1.  Introduction
     2.  The Setting of Babylon 5
     3.  The Major Players
     4.  The Characters
     5.  The Story So Far
     6.  Past and Current reference
     7.  Credits and Legalese
 Subject: 1.  Introduction
     The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace.  It failed.
     But, in the Year of the Shadow War, it became something greater:
     our last, best hope... for victory.  The year is 2260.  The place:
     Babylon 5.
         -- Commander Ivanova
 Subject: 2.  The Setting of Babylon 5
 A hundred years ago, humanity made contact with its first alien civilization
 -- or more to the point, they made contact with us.  Before the arrival of the
 Centauri, we were confined to our own solar system, forced to use slow sleeper
 ships to explore the universe.  The Centauri gave us the stars, offered us the
 use of their "jumpgates" -- portals into hyperspace -- and later, taught us to
 make our own.  In exchange for this and other technologies, they asked only
 for trinkets, novelties to sell back home.
 In the eighty years that followed, humanity flexed its muscles, expanding
 outward at a rapid pace.  When a group of less powerful races was attacked by
 an invading army, Earth came to their aid, cementing its role as a major
 galactic power, if a young, brash one.
 The wave of euphoria came crashing down when humanity made contact with a
 mysterious race called the Minbari.  The Earth-Minbari War began with a
 misunderstanding, a human captain and a Minbari commander too quick on the
 trigger.  Thanks to bad luck or something darker, our first meeting with the
 Minbari resulted in the death of their supreme religious and political leader.
 To the Minbari, what followed was a holy war, vengeance for the murder of
 their spiritual leader.  Earth was no match for the technologically superior