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Re: happy story

 Meredith Erin Keller wrote:
 > >Is it possible that some women choose to be housewives and like being taken
 > >care of, even in this day and age?
 > yes it is possible and men and women both choose to do this, even in this
 > day and age.  i never said those people are failures.  
 Did I EVER say that you said those people are failures? I'd appreciate it if you 
 could show a bit of respect for my mouth and stop putting words in it. I was just 
 asking a question ...
 to each their
 > own.  my point was that if a woman (or man) doesn't have a way of earning
 > money or an eduation they are first of all screwed if their working
 > partner leaves.  secondly, they are very dependent on their working
 > spouse. 
 I think this has a lot to do with the economy and different societies vary a lot in 
 this regard. I grew up in Hong Kong. There, double income families are the norm, 
 simply because for the common folks (grass roots and middle class), it's a necessity 
 financially. However, university education used to be only accessible to people with 
 the very best performance in high school. Therefore, a lot of people have what's 
 equivalent to a grade 11 education or below. Yet because of the diverse nature of 
 economic activities, the majority of the people were able to find a means of making 
 a living. People work in factories, retail outlets, restaurants and what have you, 
 and it's also not uncommon for people to have more than one job. For 'housewives', 
 there were also a lot of take home jobs such as assembly of simple toys, garment 
 manufacturing etc. So rarely are women completely dependent on their husbands (of 
 course those do exist) Are these jobs available in the US? (Again, just a simple 
 question asked in a very peaceful and friendly tone) 
  they are depending on some one else to feed, clothe, and house
 > them.  this puts the house spouse on a more subordinant level.  the
 > working spouse can use his or her position to take advantage of the house
 > spouse and since the house spous has no education or skills he or she has
 > to live with it.  
 May I ask what you mean by no education? Illiterate?
 what ia a house wife whose husband beats her supposed
 > to do if she married him after high school and has spent her life in the
 > house.
 You mean a high school graduate in the US has no education? Now that's a bit scary.
 > >I don't see career and family being mutually exclusive.
 > i did NOT say that.  (why must every one twist my words?) 
 I didn't say you said that!! (why must you insist on putting words in my mouth?)
 I was just expression my opionion. Just because I'm male doesn't mean that I have no 
 respect for what other people (male or female) said. (you didn't say this, I said 
  i know they
 > are not mutually exclusive.  i was raised by a woman who did both and i
 > admire her and agree with what you are saying 100%.  what i said was that
 > a woman who wants a certain career is not going to back away from it b/c
 > it is male dominated.
 Why should a woman think she should back away from a male dominated career? Why such 
 a defensive and negative mindset? I'm a visible minority in a white dominated 
 society, but honest to God, NEVER did I have the feeling that I was persecuted and 
 discouraged from white dominated careers. I think that happened a lot in the past, 
 but in general, Canada (I know nothing about the US) has become a tolerant society. 
 I think there is subtle discrimination, but that never bothered me. Why? Because I 
 don't give a damn! I have confidence in myself and I think I'm as good as anyone of 
 any skin colour. As long as I regard the match is fair, I play it. In fact, I'll 
 even push myself harder, because I have pride in my racial origin and I want to out-
 perform my white colleagues. Nothing personal, just a competitive spirit. Talk is