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Re: A Micheal's Deal

 In article <>, (Roger Smith) wrote:
 >Drug into Michael's craft store the other day by the girlfriend ... I
 >was finally able to sneak away to look at the one aisle they put in
 >just to keep the guys happy ... and ... they had several Estes kits
 >marked down.  I picked up a Broadsword for $11.00.  Then I noticed a
 >couple of those assorted parts kits from Estes.  The one on top had a
 >marked down price of $29.00 which seemed not too bad to me so I picked
 >it up.  That was when I discovered that the box under it was marked at
 >$10!  So I scarfed it up! Enough parts for eight rockets for $10.
 >This BAR is gonna have fun.  
 >If you have a Michael's near you might want to see if they've marked
 >down their rockets, also.
 We do a good bit of shopping at Michael's and other craft stores.  Micheal's 
 has 40% of a single item coupons and 30% of any purchase coupons.  Last time 
 we went, they had designer kits for $19.  I also picked up a delta clipper for
 $4.  We almost never pay more than $12 for a Broadsword or Phoenix.
 Martin Rogoff
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