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Re: Future of Lighting (Michael Maginn) wrote:
 >I am a consultant in the US working with a small manufacturing company.
 > As part of the engagement , I will be conducting a workshop on
 >creative thinking and the future.  I would like to start that workshop
 >with some tantalizing ideas which will help stimulate the thinking of
 >the participants.  Toward that end, I have fociserd on the topic of the
 >future of interior lighting.  Since I am not an architect nor an
 >interior designer, I have found it difficult to uncover any stimulating
 >ideas using traditional library-based research methods.  So, I have
 >turned to the internet.
 >I am sening this list the following question.  I sincerely appreciate
 >your input.  This will give me some interesting food for thought as
 >well as provide this list with an interesting topic to develop.  I
 >promise this is strictly a research project.  I am selling nothing.  In
 >fact, depending on the response, I will publish whatever comes out of
 >this on this list.  So, could you please consider the following
 >question and email me your reply?
 >Question:  What significant changes do you see in how interior lighting
 >is either designed, bought, manufactured or installed in the next five
 >Please send your comments to  If you want your
 >answer to appear on this list, send the list a copy of your reply.
 >Many many thanks.
 >Michael D. Maginn, Ed.D.
 one of the most significant changes in lighting will not be in the
 lights, but in the controls. As buildings become " inteligent " the
 lighting fixtures will also become intelligent. There are electronic
 ballasts available for most sources and as thes adopt the newer chips
 that respond to contol from a network, the lighting will respond
 directly to the needs of the people in the space, and only when they
 are in the space. New contol chips developed by Echelon and made by
 Motorola and Toshiba are being designed into everything. There are now
 over 2 million installed worldwide. The key to this fairly recent
 success is the use of a common language by all products. The HVAC,
 lighting, elevators, life & saftey systems all respond to the same
 codes, even the security entrance cards. To get more info on the
 LONWORKS systems, you could contact Echelon
 Carl Rath