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[Wings] Reprinted response to ACLU "Bust Card"Re: Stopped by the Cops and Don't Know Your Rights?

At 02:46 PM 5/2/97 -0400, Matt Gaylor wrote:
>Stopped by the Cops and Don't Know Your Rights?

Matt, as a retired 30 [year] cop and now a consultant to trial lawyers 
re: Police Misconduct  and forensic firearms evidence, (I was recently 
listed in the anti government expert evidence portion of the Washington 
Post article on Waco)I recently was asked to comment on the [ACLU] bust 
card. That comment follows below. It angered many because of it's frank 
assessment of current police training, attitudes, stereotypical fears 
and conditioning via training propaganda. The advice and comment isn't 
calming or reassurring, but it is a frank assessment of how it is really 
is on the street, and how people who REALLY want to avoid police contact 
in the first place should conduct themselves. Avoidance is much better 
than having to use the bust card in the first place, yes?

If you should find it useful, you may reproduce it, just leave my name 
and address off as I don't wish to debate reality as opposed to how 
readers think things should be. I will respond to any individual letters 
you forward to me, however. Thanks for your time.


The card is loaded with solid information. I would say, however, that 
the importance of being "low key" and NOT challenging the authority or
badmouthing the officers in any way is the best survival advice rooted 
in the reality of current police attitudes, training and their US vs. 
THEM seige mentality.

The other thing to remember is that most police officers use stereotypes 
to judge and evaluate citizens on the street or in their cars. If a 
citizen is aware of this and knows how to exploit that mindset to their 
advantage it precludes most likelyhood of police/citizen contact.

It is simply and easily done by:

1. Driving a clean car in good repair with ALL safety and emission
equipment in good order. 

2. Maintain Current Driver's License, License plates and inspection 
stickers. If you view yourself as a Sovereign Citizen, and are above 
license plates and driver's licenses, plan on frequent police contact, 
arrest, jail and fines. It's not about the licenses as much as it is 
revenue, which is the mother's milk of the state and civil service 

2a.Immediately pay via certified return receipt ALL tickets and fines 
and determine that warrants for same, if any, HAVE been removed from the

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