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science jokes (03/21)

On a mailing list this size, not every Collage is going to appeal to
every subscriber. But the ones that seem to appeal to the fewest
people are my "geek humor" Collages. (Even political humor probably
enjoys a broader appeal.) Nevertheless, they are so thoroughly loved
by the geeks in the audience that they've become a mainstay of
HumourNet. Alas, the moderator has no choice but to accommodate the
vocal minority ...

("And your moderator, being such a happy geek, is a piece of cake.")

And when I say "minority," I mean *MINORITY*. There are painfully
few people out there who really understand geekdom -- especially
geek employment. It's so bad that smart geeks know better than to
even *discuss* their jobs, for fear of having to perform emergency
resuscitation on anyone within earshot.

Not a problem, though -- the *creative* ones simply make up other,
more interesting lines of work. Ideally, these lines of work are
tailored to the audience. For example, there's no sense in trying to
explain the fundamentals of foliage-penetrating radar to members of
the college field-hockey team. No, it's much better, in that
particular case, to be a gynecologist for the FBI.

(You're probably starting to see how I get myself into trouble....)

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