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Trilateral 8/? by Erica MisztiTrilateral (8/?): Truth All Told

TITLE:  Trilateral
AUTHOR:  Erica Miszti
EMAIL:  Erica.Miszti@premium-mail.co.uk
RATING:  NC-17 (drug use, swearing, violence, sex)
CLASSIFICATION:  X.A.R.(Mulder/Scully & Scully/Other)

****Is this a bad time to mention that this contains 'Terma'

**Un-realistic pseudo-scientific explanations contained within**

Disclaimed in part one

Trilateral (8/?):  Truth All Told


County Hospital, Wausau

Scully's heels tapped eerily on the solid concrete floor of the hospital
corridor.  With each beat her mind replayed the same thoughts over and
over, attempting to make sense of it all.

Pinck Pharmaceuticals, a multi-national drug company which had just
taken over Norton Pharmaceuticals.  One of the deceased's family used to

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