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[PN] TECHNOLOGY: Nera WorldPhone from Norway/Singapore

Subject: TECHNOLOGY: Nera WorldPhone from Norway/Singapore

Consistenty on the lookout for tools that would help missionaries save
money on technology, or be more effective in the field, I am happy to
report on the Nera WorldPhone.

Here is a useful tool for missionaries who have to operate in remote
regions, engaging in relief and development operations, or visiting
with colleagues who are out in the field.  The well-heeled missions
executive would probably find this phone indispensable, who has to
travel across the world and into countries where the phone service is
unreliable, expensive or insecure, and where payphones do not work,
this phone will help them keep in touch with headquarters and
colleagues worldwide.  One global number makes the user
accessible wherever he is.  One standard charge gives the user
calls to anywhere.  One touch of a button dials the world.  The
advertising claims: "Ring anywhere in the world... from anywhere
in the world."

The Nera WorldPhone was launched in Europe late-1996.  It is now
available and fully supported in Singapore.

On Friday, Jan 17 97 (08.21.25 UTC), Missionary Aviation Fellowship
announced Planet 1, a notebook sized satellite phone made by NEC.
I checked and found out that one had to buy direct from MAF, based in

What if your missions agency was concentrating its activities in
Africa or in Asia, and you are using Singapore as your regional
base?  Well, the Nera WorldPhone can now be bought in Singapore.
On checking with Nera (SEA) Pte. Ltd., I found out that their product
costs at least S$ 6,000.00 (US$ 4167.00).  The unit cost could of
course be lowered if a bulk purchase is made.  This phone has a
standard 3 m cable linking it to its antenna, and the maximum cable
length for optimum performance, is 80 m.  The phone need not be
held out in the open; so, if you need to take shelter, you could still use
the phone, with the antenna outside -- unlike its rival, so the salesman
at Nera (SEA) claimed.  Furthermore, it offers a 3-hour talk-time, and
a 48-hour standby-time.  What is more, it offers handsfree operation
and its LCD panel is backlit and easier on the eyes.  Without
batteries, it weighs in at 1.9 kg. (vs 2.6 kg for the NEC model).

Nera WorldPhone has 50% of global market share. What that means
is, it is here to stay.  By the turn of this century, such phones are
expected to shrink further in size -- to that of a cellular phone... Until
the price of such small satellite phones begin to shrink as production

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