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[NR] Automatic Digest [4/9]Trouble with base64

>From:   Flack, Robert G [SMTP:flack-rg@SALEM.GE.COM]
>Sent:   Monday, March 31, 1997 9:24 PM
>To:     Multiple recipients of list NETRUNNER-L
>Subject:        CHEAP BAG O' TRICKS, Please Review

>Here's my attempt at a new corp deck.  I simple call it CHEAP BAG O'
>TRICKS.  My access to rares is limited.  I have NO Proteus rares, but do

    I had some trouble decoding your base64 appendage; there was no 'name="'
line present, and when I created one I got gibberish with only the dread
words "MicroSoft Mail" poking out.  What if we don't have this?  If you have
a card-list you're so eager to show us, why encode it at all?  What's wrong

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