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Re: Best video card for Quake?

 Nicholas Noe <> wrote:
 >A very good question, I'm looking for a new video card myself (I only have
 >a 1 meg Mach32). Right now I have my eye on Diamond Multimedia's 3d card
 >(can't remember the name) with the S3 chipset. I think there are versions
 >with 4megs of VRAM. The main reason I think that Quake will support this
 >card (or chipset) is that it was the only chipset supported by Descent 2,
 >so it must have a good sized user base by now. But in general, id has said
 >that they will support 3d video cards in a future upgrade of Quake, so I
 >would wait and see what they support.
   You may also want to consider the new ATI 3D Expression.  It seems
 to be getting rave reviews in all the industry rags.  I'm running one
 now and it works great.  No 3D support for Quake yet (or talk of it
 either) but if it becomes a hot seller, which is likely, I don't see
 why support wouldn't be added.  If not, I guess I'll ditch it for a
 card that is supported. :-)