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RE: memory: how do I tell??

 OK.  Questions...
 When you say 'left border' and 'right border', are you speaking of 
 the actual SOJ (i.e., the chip, not the board)?
 The numbers on the chip sound right, but the rest doesn't (i.e., the 
 'assembled in USA' and 'POWMEM').
 Is there a very small inscribed set of characters on the SOJs at the 
 top (when the leads are facing down) that are something like 'c 1 8 
 k' upside down (no ink, just black inscription)?  Is there a white 
 dot on the same line as the '-6', only on the left side?  Are the 
 little recessed dots reflective if you hold them under a light and 
 wiggle them?  Do ALL of the SOJs have the same date (i.e., 9622)?
 If yes to all of the above, they are real.  No to any of them might 
 indicate a remanufactured or remarked SIMM.  See a 'rant and rave' 
 post of mine in this forum about memory fraud.
 	Dean Kent.