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 CMARGET wrote:
 > I'm looking for some mid sized EFFICIENT speakers, and came across a pair
 > of Heresy's...  They're around 10 years old, I think.  I haven't gotten
 > to listen to them yet, so I'd like to hear opinions from anyone who has
 > one to offer...
 > Specifically I'm wodering about:
 > Rated efficiency / power handling
 > Bass response -- That woofer (with paper surround) leads me to believe I'm
 > going to be a little disappointed.
 > The seller is asking $300.
 > Thanks for your time.
 > Chris
 Any high efficiency (94dB/watt or higher) smallish speaker is going to 
 be bass-shy. It's almost impossible to get high efficiency AND good 
 low bass from a small closed box or vented enclosure. That's why small 
 speakers are almost always of the 90dB/watt or lower rating. 
 With that in mind, the Heresy's have pretty good bass response. What 
 makes me dislike them is their overly brassy 'PA speaker' quality in the 
 mids. If you listen to rock music almost exclusively, then you may 
 really like them (they'll sound more like a 'real' rock concert). If you 
 listen to a lot of classical music, then you'll hate them. I listen to a 
 lot of classical music, jazz, and blues, and almost no 
 rock/pop/funk/disco/techno/hip-hop/acid-jazz/punk/new-wave/etc. That'll 
 give you a hint as to what I really think of the Heresy's...
 Hope this helps,
 Ron G.

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