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 Richard E. Rogers wrote:
 > Could someone please explain how "Live" phone-in drafts operate?
 > Do you literally stay on the phone for the full draft session?
 > Are 1-800 phone numbers provided?
 > Thanks-
 > Rich
 Rich - it varies from league to league. I even heard of one league that 
 takes callers one by one - call up, get the last 10 or eleven picks, make 
 yours, hang up - all within 30 seconds! What a nightmare that must be.
 We prefer a conference call where everyone is on at the same time. That 
 way you can hear the pain in the other guy's voice when you steal his 
 favorite player. We do it on an 800 line so the call is free (of course 
 you reimburse us for it in the entry fees) but then you don't get a big 
 phone bill to boot. Some leagues charge you for the phone draft then you 
 don't get a toll free line.
 We had rave reviews on our drafts last year and nobody lost their place 
 as we read back the rosters 3 or 4 times. Phone drafting is the best part 
 of the season!
 Mike Maxson aka "Coach Max"
 Commissioner, Maximum Football
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