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Re: Shows to Acquire, 10/94-12/94

 On 26 Jun 1996, Josh481853 wrote:
 >  "Craig D. DeLucia" <> called 10/31/94:
 > >>>The best show ever, hands down.<<<
 > Whoa...I've GOT to disagree with you on this one. "The Best Phish Show
 > Ever" (if it really did exist) would have much more the the '94 Halloween
 > show did. The first set's pretty good. Frank > Sparkle, yadda yadda yadda.
 > Simple - I'd give it a "Good version" rating at best.
 Oh, you've got to be kidding me.  I can see saying that it wasn't the 
 greatest ever, but to say it is only "good" is a disservice to this show 
 and this song.
 >  Some nice melodic jamming at the end, but nothing incredible. Not even 
 > CLOSE to the 12/8/94 version, IMHO.
 Again, I disgaree.  The level of beauty inherent in this Simple is 
 astounding.  The lyrics section is on, and that outro jam is as 
 teary-eyed a moment as I have heard in Simple.  Both the Simple and the 
 Reba contained a style that is uncommon to any other version and 
 astoundingly beautiful.
 > Divided - well jammed but pretty average.
 I don't think this is a fair statement, because version of Divided Sky 
 are rarely differential.  While it is always fun to hear, I find it hard 
 to compare version because they basially sound the same to me unless part 
 of the composed section is flubbed.
 > Harpua - very funny, good tease. Best version? Nothing could beat 
 > 2/12/93, 06/30/94 and 7/16/94.
 I've never heard 2/12/93, so I can't comment there.  7/16/94 is the best 
 Harpua ever (got hit by a comet! :^), but I place 10/31/94 second.  And I 
 place 10/31/95 last ;^)
 > Rest of the set is pretty uneventful, except for the Reba which,
 > although very nice, would not even be in my top ten Rebas ever.
 I prefer this Reba to the highly-acclaimed Lowell (5/16/95) Reba.  It is 
 my favorite ever.  It is long, which doesn't always equate to "amazing" 
 but does here.  And, as I said before, the style of jam that Trey weaves 
 is unique in that Reba.
 > 2nd set...Long, draw out versions of some very boring songs. I love the
 > White Album, but could never sit though the entire thing straight
 > through...that's like torture. The Helter Skelter is horrible. Fishman
 > exposes himself. Bad news.
 What do you mean, "long drawn out versions?"  They played almost every 
 song exactly as it was written, and didn't jam the album out at all.
 > 3rd set...Bowie opener has lots of potential, but ends fairly quickly and
 > dosn't offer much. Slave...very nice, but they're gettin tired. Rift,
 > Monkey, Poor they're REALLY tired. Antelope is very good,
 > excellent even, but there's just something missing that I can't really put
 > a finger on. Encore cantains a good Coil but again, nothing to rave about.
 > Overall, I'd give the show a 6.5-7.0 on the Phish-O-Meter. 
 Let's just agree to disagree, then :^)
 I'm going to ask a seemingly rude question, but one that I think has 
 merit.  Are your tapes of this show any good?  I had OK tapes, and then I 
 heard even worse tapes whch soured me on this show.  I remember arguing 
 with Charlie that a lot of these jams did nothing for me.  As soon as I 
 had a crisper copy, though, I immediately changed my mind.
 I am having similar feelings for 12/31/95.  While I have a hard time 
 seeing why some people laud this show, I have a feeling that it might be 
 the fact that AUD tapes that come out of MSG sound like they were 
 recorded in a port-a-potty, regardless of the skill of the taper or the 
 value of his equipment.
 > 04.17.92 - What a show. EVERYTHING in the first set cooks, especially the
 > Reba, Maze, and Landlady. The closing Bowie > Catapult > Bowie is amazing