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 It has come to my attention that some of the following may never have been 
 released on CD-MAXI-SINGLES. If you have any of them on 12" VINYL and they are 
 in MINT condition (for whatever reason) please contact me.
 Abdule, Paula             Opposites Attract
 Black Box                 Strike It Up
 Black Box                 Everybody Everybody
 Cherry, Neneh             Buffalo Stance
 Church Of Ecstasy         Now I'm Ready
 D'Bora                    Dream About You
 Dr DJ Cerla w/Brownstone  Everybody Pom-Pom! <-- Anyone ever see this one???
 Expose                    Come Go With Me
 Fast Eddie                Pump It
 Interactive               Who Is Elvis
 Interactive               Dildo
 K7                        Come Baby Come
 KLF                       3 A.M. Eternal
 KLF                       What Time Is Love?
 Liberation                Liberation
 Liberty City              Some Lovin'
 Mark, Marky               Good Vibrations
 Morales, David            In De Ghetto (original & '96 remix)
 Peniston, Ce Ce           Finally
 Peniston, Ce Ce           I'm In The Mood (Bad yard Mix)
 Peniston, Ce Ce           Searchin' (Silk In The House Mix)
 Pierre's Fantasy Club     Fantasy Girl
 Rave Busters              Mitrax
 Ralphi Rosario            Brica
 Rob Base And DJ E-Z Rock  It Takes Two
 Rob Base And DJ E-Z Rock  Joy And Pain
 Shut Up And Dance         Raving I'm Raving
 Snap                      The Power
 Snap                      Rhythm Is A Dancer
 Subliminal Cuts           The Dance
 Technotronic              Move This
 Wilde, Kim                You Keep Me Hanging On
 Wilde, Kim                You Came
 Wilde, Kim                If I Can't Have You
 Please E-MAIL me directly with the CONDITION and TRACK/TIME listings.
 You can also let me know about ANY CD5 dance music you have for sale.