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Re: New Ridge Racer-Rumour!

 On Fri, 28 Jun 1996 01:49:48 GMT, (Chris.Hilker)
 >S M Carless <> writes:
 >>Call me confused, but what basic difference does 60FPS and 30FPS make to 
 >On an NTSC TV, which is what 99.9% of us use with our Playstations, NONE
 >WHATSOEVER. Framerate is a red herring.
 > (Chris.Hilker)  "I feel like I'm being electrocuted."
 >The alt.rave mini-FAQ: "Q: ?" "A: ("
 What!!!????!?!? Framerate is EXTREMELY important to gameplay. If you
 are playing a racing game and are going fairly fast, screen updating
 is paramount to knowing when you are at the proper point to execute a
 turn. Don't tell me it is not better to see 15 frames of video going
 into a hairpin than 7.5. Your statement is absolutely false. Try
 playing Doom at 20 frame-per-second against someone with a 30
 frame-per-second machine. You will be at a very severe disadvantage.
 As you turn you are getting 33% less information about your enemy's
 position. He can juke about strafing your ass while you are jerking
 wildly about wondering where he is.  I hope your rave faq contains
 more accurate information than this post did.
 Brian Schmitt
 Artist:Neversoft Entertainment