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Re: so... when are you gonna put out the SGI version?

 Duncan Jones wrote:
 > Well ID... we've heard the gossip, the rave reviews, the sounds of much
 > rejoicing, but we, commuting, power-guzzeling, ram sucking, processor
 > churning users of SGI machines need to know... when are we gonna get OUR
 > version?  :)  Duncan J at Silicon Graphics.
 I'm interested in this, too. Can SGI help them port it at all? I remember someone sent them
 an SGI machine for the Doom port. But I think they already have a couple SGI's now don't
 they? I remember reading that id had one Indigo, and they had ordered another...
 The important thing IMHO is that Quake take advantage of SGI's 3D handling capabilities. :)
 I was expecting SGI Doom to scream, but it really didn't (and the window for it was about
 1/5th my screen size! Aack!)
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