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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
often seen in Chalkhills, The Official XTC Mailing List. It is posted to
help reduce volume in the mailing list and to provide hard-to-find
information of general interest.

This page includes answers to the following questions. Ones marked with `+'
indicate questions new to this issue; those with changes of content since
the last issue are marked by `*'.


  1. What is Chalkhills and how do I join?
  2. *What are XTC up to these days, anyway?
  3. Is Chalkhills archived? Is the FAQ list available for FTP anywhere? Are
     XTC lyrics available? Are charts, chords and/or tablature for XTC songs
  4. *What are the addresses of the fan clubs?
  5. Is that Woody Allen at the end of "My Love Explodes?" What is said at
     the end of "Mole From The Ministry"?
  6. Who is XTC's drummer?
  7. What's the story with "Dear God" and "Mermaid Smiled" on _Skylarking_?
  8. Why is the XTC mailing list called "Chalkhills"? What does the cover of
     _English Settlement_ mean?
  9. Are the albums _Waxworks_ and _Beeswax_ available on CD? Are _Waxworks_
     and _The Compact XTC_ the same album?
 10. To what does the song "Pink Thing" refer?
 11. Who were all XTC's producers?
 12. What recordings should a new XTC-er buy?
 13. Why does everyone hate Todd Rundgren, I liked _Skylarking_?
 14. Why don't they tour?
 15. Has anybody ever covered any XTC songs?
 16. What's with the Virgin UK CD of _Drums and Wires_?
 17. Who is `Brian' in "Battery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)"?
 18. Who are the children in "Dear God" and on _Psonic Psunspot_?
 19. Who is that other guy in the photographs from _Psonic Psunspot_?
 20. Did XTC do any other covers beside the Hendrix one on _White Music_?
 21. What released songs have yet to be compiled on albums?
 22. To what does the title of _Mummer_ refer?
 23. How does one pronounce the name "XTC"? What is the origin of the band
     name "XTC"? Is it related to the drug MDMA (ecstasy)?
 24. What are the sources of the tracks on _Explode Together_?
 25. Have any books been written about XTC?

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