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eeurope-news digest (97/06/06 32236)Weir/Yeltsin, USAID-Harvard, Sachs/Tobacco Wars, Rutland/Two

Johnson's Russia List
7 June 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. Fred Weir in Moscow on Yeltsin's comeback.
  2. AP: US Asks Harvard to End Russia Aid.
  3. Newsday: Susan Sachs, TOBACCO WARS/ Smoking Under Seige/
Cigarette Glut Fouls Russia.
  4. Peter Rutland (OMRI): A TALE OF TWO TREATIES.
  5. Bill Sanford: Eastern European assurances about not=20
joining NATO.
  6. Bill Fick: American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.
  7. The Electronic Telegraph (UK): Alan Philps, Russia bled=20
dry as $1bn a month is smuggled out.
  8. AP: World Bank Boosts Lending to Russia.
  9. Los Angeles Times: Richard Paddock, Yeltsin's New Web Site=20
Provides Facts and Figures, but They Don't Compute.=20
  10. AP: Yeltsin Backs Language Purity.
  11. Financial Times (UK): Chrystia Freeland, Yeltsin seeks to=20
raise the ghost of Lenin.
  12. Reuter: Revival of ex-USSR grain output hangs on weather.
  13. Sydney Morning Herald: Robyn Dixon, INSIDE MOSCOW'S MODERN COURT.
Presidency beckons Mr Fixit. (Luzhkov).]

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