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re: Plate of Gethaena #27

Description & History: High within the volcano Paltael sits the great Lord
of the Essaence forge known as Shaehesh. Quietly the forge sat within
those ancient halls waiting for the day the hammers would ring and when
they rang, a set of armor was forged. 

	ItUs creation spanned many years, from the rather peaceful years
starting in 6053 T.E. which slowly progressed to the rather dark and
desperate years, until it was finished in 6062 T.E. This armor was made
for Gauron Orgillion out of respect and appreciation for past deeds and

	The Plate of Gethaena is made entirely of White Eog, but due to a
thin gloss of Clear Lean over the armor it gives the White Eog a Heavenly
glow, (-50 to stalk and hide maneuvers at night). As well, periodically a
faint golden shimmer will flow over the armor. This set of full plate has
no helm. Instead, a cabochon of White Eog, glossed over with Clear Lean,
rests on Gauron Orgillion's forehead. This cabochon acts as the helm as
well as attunes him to his armor, thus allowing unhindered casting of
Mentalism spells. 

	The Plate of Gethaena's protective qualities are legendary in
nature, nullifying all but the most powerful physical and magical attacks.
When worn the Plate of Gethaena feels as though nothing is worn at all, in
fact, speed and maneuvering in this armor is enhanced. 

	Gauron Orgillion's Plate of Gethaena is a marvellous creation,
with a touch of class and finesse that only Mhari Ridaen could achieve. A
work that Tethior and Krelij would be proud of, The Plate of Gethaena is
sure to make its mark in history, going down as one of the greatest
creations of the Third Era of Ire. 

	In 6052 T.E., Gauron Orgillion, Ragnar Stonefist, Chakka Draeda
Muul Diegan,Vildak VanRhun and Kaia Kus'urnuinen were travelling together
in a Underearth realm known as Gethaena. After many long months of
wandering about Gethaena they were unknowingly drawn to a cave on the side
of Mount Paltael. At first it seemed like any other cave, quiet and
peaceful but after wandering around for a few minutes they sensed some
sort of Essaence emanation coming from deep within the cave.  As they

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Subject: Plate of Gethaena #27