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Slovakia - Government did not allow referendum

After the frenesy of the stormy "Night of Long Knives", when Meciar's
newly formed red-brown parliamentary coalition modified many legal
texts, after epuration of the State apparate of "politically incorrect"
servants, after a savage "privatisation" of State property into hands
of a bunch of vasals,  after demarches of USA and European Union,
after the abduction of the President's son and murder of a friend
of the key witness, after stripping deputy F.  Gaulieder of his
parliamentary mandate, Slovakia is living a new political scandal

The story begins when the petition calling for referendum on direct
election of the President collected enough signatures and there was
an imminent danger for Meciar that the next president of the Republic
might escape his control like Michal Kovac did.  Meciar has then
decided to bring a new issue, the entry of the country into NATO,
where noone invited Slovakia, hoping that people will say "no".
In order to help them to give the correct answer, two more questions
were added: Do you want nuclear weapons on our territory ?  Do you
want military bases on our territory ?  Meciar hoped the NATO

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