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[email] UE: **New Contact Info**New Contact Info

The ever-changing wheel of destiny has smiled on Horizon and enabled
us to
frequent better, more trendy digs -- meaning we have new contact info.
that the moving headaches are over, please update your rolodex
to reflect our new address, phone and fax:

Horizon Communications
5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 333
Santa Clara, CA 95054

408-969-4888 - phone
408-969-4895 - fax

It's also that time of year when we update you on our current client
and verify you are only receiving press releases of interest from
If you would take the time to fill out this brief questionnaire
you can rest certain in the knowledge of actually receiving useful
information from a PR company -- how's that for a change of pace? ;)

As you probably know, our agency focuses on 3D, multimedia, Java and
that is cutting-edge and cool in technology.  I would also encourage
you to
call, e-mail or page me regarding any technology listed in our survey
 -- we

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