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VIRTU-L Digest - 21 May 1997 to 22 May 1997CONF: Virtual Humans 2

Virtual Humans 2
June 17-19 1997
Universal Hilton, Los Angeles
Organised by VR NEWS and KillerApp Communications
Sponsored by Silicon Graphics and EDS

Just a brief reminder that the early registration period for VH2 runs
out next week. The full program and registration form can be found at
the event web site, www.vrnews.com/vh2.html

Highlights include:

 - Prof. David Farber's visionary Snow Crash panel initiative, which will
compare the state of the art in online virtual communities with Neal
Stephenson's benchmark novel.

 - Virtual Tennis - the Thalmann's real-time version, followed by Digital
Domain's celebrated virtual Andre Agassi, presented by Andre Bustanoby, one
of the world's leading performance capture specialists

 - Some of Industrial Light & Magic's latest and best character simulation
work, demonstrated and explained by top animator/designer Ellen Poon (whose
credits include Men in Black, The Mask, Disclosure, Jumanji, etc,)

 - Televirtual will unveil their world-beating next generation technology,
which enables a virtual TV host to move amongst and interact closely with
the studio audience.

 - We have four of the leading vendors of industrial humanoids - Deneb,
Genicom, Transom and Tecmath - putting their ergonomic proteges through
their most demanding paces, one after the other.

 - And then there's Prof. Frank Biocca's panel - Communication Needs for
Virtual Humans; Prof. Lewis Johnson's panel - Virtual Humans as Autonomous

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