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VIRTU-L Digest - 15 May 1997 to 17 May 1997JOBS-OFFERED

Interested in a Career Opportunity with an Exciting Venture Capital

Who are we?

Reality Simulation Systems Inc. (RSSI) is a computer graphics start up
company with an innovative 3D rendering technology known as
PixelSquir.  PixelSquirt technology offers several marked improvements
over the traditional methods of 3D rendering and will enable users of
the technology to offer superior 3D performance at a price point
unreachable by the competition. The technology has an expanding
customer portfolio that demands RSSI expand itís engineering team.

What are our products?

RSSIís products include intellectual property licensing and direct
chip development. Our product development originated from virtual
reality simulation work begun at Rensselaer Polytechnic Instituteís
incubator center. It saw its first commercial use in the S-MOS PIX
chip, the only chip to offer main memory texture map storage and
under-$100 OEM board pricing. . The technology is now in its third
generation and will feature advanced on-chip texture map processing,
lighting effects, and anti-aliasing.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for energetic, motivated individuals with a basic
foundation in logic design and software development. Knowledge of 3D

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