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Bell, Hoagland, Nasa Fax


On April 28, 1997, NASA Headquarters faxed national radio personality 
Art Bell, asking for his help "in setting the record straight on the
subject of Hubble Space Telescopes observations of Comet Hale-Bopp...
discussed by A GUEST ON ONE OF YOUR RECENT PROGRAMS [emphasis added] ..."
The co-signers of the NASA fax were "Dr. Ed Weiler, Hubble Program 
Scientist"; and "Don Savage, Public Affairs Officer, Office 
of Space Science, NASA Headquarters." 

During a subsequent conversation with Art Bell (after clarifying 
to our mutual satisfaction the identity of this mysterious "
recent guest" ...), Art suggested that he invite Weiler, as 
"official Hubble Program Scientist," to "debate"
Tom Van Flandern and myself re the scientific disagreements we have
had with "official NASA plans vis a vis Hale-Bopp."

NASA emphatically refused. <Weiler refused a one-on-one debate>

In lieu of such a "debate", Art then agreed to a two-hour interview along,
with a suitable "official NASA representative": NASA responded by designating
Don Savage, from NASA Headquarters, and Ray Villard, from NASA's
"Space Telescope Science Institute," as Art's "official NASA guests"
 --to be interviewed May 1-2, 1997. The proposed subject: the contents of
the "Art Bell NASA fax."
        <so NASA and one of the signers did agree!>

Neither NASA representative is a "Hubble scientist," responsible 
either for specific experiments on-board the Hubble Telescope, or,
NASA policies around it. It is for this reason that, when Art then 
asked Tom Van Flandern and me to follow as his guests for the remaining 
three broadcast hours of that night, Tom and I respectfully declined;
        <Van Flandern and Hoagland declined not NASA.>

Thus, in lieu of this hoped-for "one-on-one debate" with 
Dr. Weiler, Dr. Van Flandern and I have decided to annotate NASA's 
original "Art Bell fax" to provide documented
evidence, across the World Wide Web, of the major mis-statements 
it contains. After posting, it will be up to Art's listeners and 
other concerned American citizens to act ... 

NASA: "...your guest said that Hubble has not been used to observe 
Hale-Bopp, or perhaps it had, but we were 'hiding' the images..."

[95 lines left ... full text available at <url:http://www.reference.com/cgi-bin/pn/go?choice=message&table=05_1997&mid=2734544&hilit=ART+SATELLITES> ]

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