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VIRTU-L Digest - 14 May 1997 to 15 May 1997SGI O2 /VR Hardware and Software Development

> In article <Pine.OSF.3.91.970506115253.6470A-100000@tera.engr.mun.ca>
> Joshua Swamidas <joshua@ENGR.MUN.CA> writes:
> JS> We have a limited budget to buy a good machine and the
> JS> software ($15-18,000 Cdn).  There are so many options out there so

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
>  If you are lucky, you may
> get an O2, all your software, a SpaceBall, CrystalEyes glasses and
> still have change enough for pizza.
Jerry Isdale wrote:
>An O2 plus spaceBall plus CrystalEyes plus software plus some pizza
>(no beer or soda) for less than $18,000Cdn ???  Will that O2 include
>memory, disks, monitors, keyboards, mice?  Maybe a used and abused O2

I couldn’t resist responding to this, but Jerry Isdale is one of my
“most quoted” VR pioneers in all of my VR workshops for teachers...So
please forgive me Jerry if I offend you in any thing that I say...: )
I also owe a tremedous debt to SGI for all of the help and encouragement
that they have given to me.

A little background (just brief)...Two years ago I was given a
fellowship to study, develop, and implement a VR program for the
sciences and math....A little too early to get the better prices on
machines that are available now for a 1/3 of what I got them for two
years ago. ...Any way I love my Pentium machines and the capabilities
and software associated with them...but I also love my SGI O2
machine....  and I will give the reasons listed below...

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