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version 3.0, may 4, 1997


This FAQ is written and maintained by Trystan L. Bass.
I'm just a fool for faqs.

Please direct any questions/comments/corrections/additions
to me at tryst@toreadors.com.  I will add your corrections in 
the next revision.  Usually *several months* pass between 
revisions, so be patient.

You can get the latest version of this FAQ by
(1) checking the semi-monthly crossposts to alt.gothic.fashion
    and alt.gothic
(2) pointing your web browser at 

Please Note:  the Usenet version of this faq *does not* include 
the web addresses (URLs) for the stores and resources that 
have web pages.  Lots of the stores listed here have online catalogs.  
Go to the web version of the faq for direct links where available. 

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