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RESOUR> Volunteer Philadelphia Web SiteVolunteer Philadelphia Web Site

LibertyNet, working with the Volunteer Center for the United Way in the
Philadelphia region and in conjunction with the Summit, has launched a Site
called Volunteer Philadelphia. The address is http://vp.libertynet.org
or if you forget
http://volunteerphiladelphia.libertynet.org works

Volunteer Philadelphia features an Opportunities Database which facilitates
matching between the interests and availability of volunteers and the
volunteer opportunities available in the region.

The Site also features a Calendar, a Library which features tips on running
a volunteer program, a Dicussion Forum, and a Set of Links.

Volunteer Philadelphia is one of the technologies which is being highlighted
at the Summit - much to our delight.

Please check out the Site, and please let us know what you think.

Bob Leming
Director, LibertyNet

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