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This post is intended to be used (and useful) by sticking it in an
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(Mostly but not all) From May '97 NetGuide (Kathleen Sands)

     -- WORDS --

WWWebster Dictionary - Enter word and get meaning, pronunciation,
function, origin, synonyms - can get similar words if not sure of
spelling --- rated "Invaluable"

OneLook - Searches >479,000 words in 81 dictionaries.  Can
use an asterisk to expand possibilities or if not sure of spelling,
and you _realize_ it ... e.g. h*pocrit* works, but _not_ h*pocrit

Foreign Languages for Travelers
For numerous languages, get basic vocabulary terms, pronunciation
guides, translating dictionaries, slang guides, etc.

Passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources
The Quotations Page

Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases
Helps find synonyms for particular terms, or you can browse
classes of words.  (Has a nice applications feature, you can
choose to cut out the exchange of cookies, which can cause
problems/delays with some browsers)

     -- FACTS --

The Old Farmer's Almanac
Varied, useful, down-home and comfortable.

Ask An Expert
A directory of links to experts in many fields, organized by
categories.  (Best to use these rather than their search.  E.g.,

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