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Online Educator Weekly SuOnline Educator Weekly Super Sites for March 1, 1997

Hello From Online Educator,

Here are the five Education Super Sites for the week of March 1, 1997 from The
Online Educator, creators of "Point, Click and Teach.".

1. MATH - Math can be pretty when it is used in the RAINBOW LAB.  How are
rainbows formed?  Your students can learn the inside scoop at the University
of Minnesota's Calculus Initiative.  They will learn about reflection,
refraction and how light travels.  They will be able to calculate the path
of a beam of light through a water droplet and predict the best viewing
angle for observing the resulting rainbow.  Tuck this lesson into your math
curriculum and then send your students out on a rainbow hunt.

2.  GEOGRAPHY - Learn more about the effects man-made and natural disasters
have had on the environment with the help of Earthshots.  The best way to
measure how a child grows and changes over the years is to take a series of
photographs over time and compare them.  The same is true about the world
in which we live.  Earthshots is a collection of satellite images which show how
our environment has changed over the last 20 years.  Check the pictures
that the United States Geological Survey has put online and you'll be able
to chart the effects of droughts, fires, deforestation, urbanization,
irrigation, desertification, and other natural and man-made events has had
on the earth.

3.  ENVIRONMENT - Take your students on a virtual field trip to one of the
most inetresting (and educational) places on Earth--THE VIRTUAL GALAPAGOS
EDUCATION WORKBOOK. There are few places on Earth more interesting than the
Galapagos Islands.  A living evolutionary laboratory, the islands have long
been a destination for scientists and explorers.  Now your class can join
them on the Internet.  Study wildlife, history and ecology, all from the

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