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VIRTU-L Digest - 19 Apr 1997 to 23 Apr 1997Re: ONLINE: Tips on how and where to start learning VRML

Ron Hogan <ron@cybernautics.com> wrote in article
> Want to learn more about VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)?
> There are already dozens of universities teaching VRML or working on
> proposals to have it included as formal curriculum.

Oh gawd, just what we need, a whole plethora of universities teaching
VRML as part of their formal curriculum, instead of the fundamentals
of 3d computer graphics and distributed virtual worlds.  This is
tantamount to offering a B.S. in Visual Basic.

> Other universities
> have students conducting independent study work with VRML in fields
> ranging from the arts to engineering. And there are plenty of
> opportunities to learn VRML outside the academy as well, from
> independent instructors or from the growing number of books on the
> subject.

This strikes me as the appropriate way to learn VRML: a few minutes on
your own.

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