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HUNTING Digest - 22 Apr 1997 - Special issueRe: What's the best bullet?

|> I have NEVER seen or heard of anyone
|> making a one-shot drop 'em in their tracks kill with ANY rifle shot
|> that didn't hit the brain or spine -- if anyone has, please post.

Well, *most* of my "drop 'em" shots were neck or head shots, but I have
had several others.  The most memorable one ...

I hit a small forked horn behind the shoulder at about 30 yards with a
7mm-08 Rem model 7 using a Nosler 140 Solid Base (not B.T.).   Not so
much as a twitch.  This was a "slam to the ground," though uphill.

This shot stands out in my mind particularly because the entrance hole
was about 2" in diameter and the exit quite tiny.  If I didn't know
better, I'd have mistaken the exit for entrance and entrance for exit,
but I know which way the deer was facing and that just isn't the answer.

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