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[ASTRO] CSETI Washington DC Briefing Report (Very Interesting,

                              APRIL 7-11 1997

                    copyright 1997 Steven M. Greer M.D.


CSETI founded Project Starlight over three and a half years ago as
an initiative to identify the best scientific evidence related to UFOs
and Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Of particular importance is the
identification of bona-fide military, intelligence, government
contractor and other government agency employees with direct,
first-hand knowledge of the UFO/ET subject.

The goal of the CSETI Project Starlight initiative is to present the
best available evidence and witness testimony in a manner which
would constitute a definitive disclosure regarding the reality of the
UFO/ET subject. This is to be done in a scientific, non-sensational
and hopeful manner, assiduously avoiding an alarmist tone or

Since 1993, Dr. Steven Greer, CSETI Director, and other CSETI
Project Starlight team members, have provided preliminary
briefings for White House staff, a sitting Director of Central
Intelligence, senior military leaders, senior United Nations
leadership, members of the Senate and House of Representatives,
international leaders, and leaders in foreign governments, among

It has always been our intent to effect this disclosure in cooperation
with the United States and other governments, if possible. We are
acutely aware of the vast and profound implications of this matter
and for this reason have carefully included key government figures
and offices in our deliberations and plans. From the start, it was
made clear that, while we desired a cooperative effort leading
towards disclosure, the matter would be disclosed through a
civilian-led initiative should the government choose to be

Through exhaustive and repeated private briefings with various
government leaders, we learned that this subject was being
managed in a way which kept the majority of our constitutional
leadership uninformed on the subject. It became clear that we
should collect the best evidence and witnesses and  provide
unmistakable and unambiguous information to these leaders so that
they could make a decision on how to proceed.  Obviously, unless
the leadership was informed, there could be no chance of their
disclosing any information to the public, or of even convening an

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