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eeurope-changes digest (97/05/18 9829)Hough/Russian studies, Kern/Open the archives, Chechnya,

Johnson's Russia List
19 May 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. Jerry Hough (Duke/Brookings) comments on tenure and Russian
studies today in the US.
  2. Gary Kern: Open the Archives.
  3. InterPress Service:  Chaotic Chechnya Still Deadly Dangerous 
For ECHO Aid Teams.
  4. St. Petersburg Times: Pavel Felgenhauer, CFE Loosing Force for
  5. St. Petersburg Times: Gilbert Doctorow and Larisa Doctorow,
Moscow's Bolshoi at a Low Point, But Is Still the Bolshoi.
  6. The Independent (UK): Phil Reeves, What makes Russia see red?
  7. Asia Times editorial: End the 'China menace.' (DJ: Please note
the discussion of American domestic politics and the role of old
and new external "threats.")
  8. AP: Mongolian Voters Weigh Capitalism. (DJ: Someday we will
return to the subject of how it was that the romance of the "free-market"
replaced the balanced idea of the mixed economy, and the Reaganesque 
spell of "reform" monopolized public policy, at least for "them."
A new book by Robert Kuttner may shed some light: "Everything for Sale: 
The Virtues and Limits of Markets."]

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