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NEWSGROUP: misc.activism.progressive (version 2,Monthly auto-post)

[This is an autoposted file; inquiries by email please]
			   --> Updated! <--
	  M i s c . A c t i v i s m . P r o g r e s s i v e
			 **NEW** Fall 96 Version**

 --> Misc.activism.progressive (MAP) is a moderated UseNet newsgroup
providing news, information, and resources of interest to activists
and anyone interested in promoting peace; economic, legal, and social
justice and equality; a clean environment and safe workplace;
democratic control over domestic and foreign policy, and other issues
of concern to the progressive community.

 --> MAP is an outgrowth of the Activists Mailing List, the
LISTSERV-based "ACTIV-L" maling list, and has established a working
relationship with the IGC networks: PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, and
LaborNet, and their international affiliates each day.

 --> We also feature articles from Z Magazine, Multinational Monitor
(put out by a Ralph Nader founded group), The Nation, and other
professive periodicals, as well as submissions from our readership of
newsletters, Action Alerts, and more.

 --> Misc.activism.progressive is not for political discussion,
although we welcome inquiries and requests for information and
references, announcements of local activist organizing , etc.

Enclosed is a list of sample articles which have been posted to MAP in
recent months. To find out about MAP's/ACTIV-L's  Automatic Archiver,
send the 1-line message consisting of:


 1/14/92    1*How to Use the Automated Archiver S   3 rich@pencil.cs.missouri.e
 9/01/96   14*Today's Quote...                        rich@pencil.math.missouri
	   NORML News - August 29, 1996            aga@dhp.com
	   Be RADIO-ACTIVE -- Put Progressive      harelb@math.cornell.edu
	   Urgent Alert: labor/Central America     clr2
	   Libertarian Socialist (Anarchist) W     jamal@bronze.lcs.mit.edu
	   Rural Preservation                      103536.2146@compuserve.co
	   AlAkhbar: Aug 30: Muslim World News     iapinfo@IAP.ORG
	   Green Party news                        prashkin@wavenet.com
	   ANNOUNCE: Nader's Green Party Speec   2 j0ey@ix.netcom.com

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Subject: NEWSGROUP: misc.activism.progressive (version 2,Monthly auto-post)