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Expose on Crack Was Flawed, Paper SaysExpose on Crack Was Flawed, Paper Says

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<title>Expose on Crack Was Flawed, Paper Says</title>
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<h5>May 13, 1997</h5><br>
<h2>Expose on Crack Was Flawed, Paper Says</h2>
<h5>By TODD S. PURDUM</h5>
<p>   <img src="/images/s.gif" align=left alt=S>AN JOSE, Calif.  --  In a highly unusual critique published in his
own newspaper, the editor of The San Jose Mercury News acknowledged
on Sunday that a series of articles last year on the rise of crack
cocaine in urban America was marred by serious shortcomings,
including its strong implication that the CIA had countenanced the
drug's spread in league with Nicaraguan dealers.
<p>   The publication of the series, "Dark Alliance," provoked a
furor among black elected and community officials and prompted
multiple federal investigations. Its central assertion was that a
pair of Nicaraguan drug traffickers with CIA ties had started the
nationwide crack trade by selling drugs in black neighborhoods in
the 1980s. Their goal, the series said, was to help finance the
CIA-backed rebels, or Contras, then fighting the Sandinista
government in their homeland.
<p>   That notion  --  amplified by the paper's Web site and distorted by
talk radio and street-corner gossip  --  prompted widespread outrage,

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