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Re: TransCaucasus: A Chronology, May 1997 (fwd)TransCaucasus: A Chronology, May 1997

Dear readers,

excuse me in advance for intruding your mailboxes, however you might
some of the endless corrections provided to ANCA and Richard Giragosian
for their false "chronology"  helpful to you as readers of the so-called
"Chronology." They have been sent to ANCA (at no avail) since October


                        A Chronology
                       (E-Mail Version)*

Vol. VI                      May, 1997                         No.5

Compiled and written by Richard Giragosian (giragosi@essential.org)
Edited and designed by Christopher Hekimian

ISSN 1078-3113

A Publication Of The Armenian National Committee of America

>Republic of Armenia

>Bordering states:
>Azerbaijan (east) 566 km
>Nakhichevan (south) 221 km
>Georgia 164 km
>Iran 35 km
>Turkey 268 km

As we all know, Nakhichevan (Naxcivan) is an autonomous republic within
Azerbaijan Republic. It is not an independent state and cannot be
as such. Moreover, why are Azerbaijan and Naxcivan given directional
labels such as "east" and "south" while other countries are not? 

>Prime Minister Robert Kocharyan

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