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(Fwd) Chomsky Australia InterviewChomsky Australia Interview

)From Michael P: I spotted this reference to an australian interview of NC,
downloaded it from

Chomskys interview in Geekgirl (one source of his opinions...
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That's a little more information than I need to know, or information
anarchy and the plight of the igno-rant.

[INLINE] Noam Chomsky interviewed by RosieX and Chris Mountford

Chris Mountford: Professor Chomsky what do you see as the present
influence of technology - primarily low cost small powerful computers and
global public information networks - the technology of the so-called
information revolution, on the mass media power in the future?


Noam Chomsky: Well, I think it's double edged and you can already see the
competing/conflicting tendencies developing. Up until now it's been
pretty much a monopoly of relatively privileged sectors, of people who
have access to computers in universities and so on. Say, in the academic
world it's turned out to be a very useful way of communicating scientific
results, but in the area we are talking about it has been used pretty
efficiently in distributing information and setting up interconnections
etc. Do you have peacenet or something equivalent in Australia?

Rosie X: Yes the Pegasus Network..

NC: Okay, in the US and particularly Europe, Peacenet puts across tons of
information and also loads of specialist Bulletin Boards where groups
with particular interests and concerns interact and discuss all sorts of
things. The main journal that I write for is Z magazine, an independent
left journal. They have a Z bulletin board which leftie types subscribe
to. They are now bringing in the readership of other media left, so on
some issues (eg East Timor) it's just been invaluable in organising. The

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