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SpotNews 05-07-97 22:20PST

SpotNews  05-07-97  22:20PST

Tracking the Clintons and Their Friends


A highly unusual and potentially serious split is emerging
between  Louis Freeh and Janet Reno over the need to seek an
independent prosecutor to investigate possible wrongdoing in
Democratic fund raising for President Clinton's re-election. (NEW

Bill Burton, a former aide to presidential counselor
Mack McLarty, spent Wednesday before the federal grand jury
investigating the White House's role in securing controversial
payments to Whitewater witness Webster Hubbell. (AP)

Hillary Rodham Clinton co-signed "two or three" checks
Whitewater figure Webster Hubbell wrote while stealing
$485,000 from his Rose law partners, the firm's top officer
has told investigators. (NEW YORK POST)

Erskine Bowles leaving ... (BOSTON GLOBE)

Erskine Bowles staying ... (WHITE HOUSE)

``I just don't know how he ever got so much involved in all this,
Charlie (Yah Lin Trie) was a friendly, fun-loving guy.'' (GARY

The Justice Department is in the early stages of investigating the
failure of George Tenet, President Clinton's nominee to head the
CIA, to disclose his part interest in stocks and property inherited
from his father. (REUTER)

Jamie S. Gorelick, who recently resigned as the Justice
Department's No. 2 official, has been appointed vice
chairwoman and a director of Fannie Mae (AP)


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