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Re: Maternal care as a contribution to social changeMaternal care as a contribution to social change

Dear Chomskyians,

I am forwarding this message, originally in reply to Margaret Tarbet,
in the hope some misuderstandings be cleared up.

Hear, hear!

What Margaret Tarbet writes cannot possibly be
overemphasized. I repeat, what are we doing on this list?

Just chatting as we were having five o'clock tea. I see no
propositions to set something into action and submit them to

My own posts about maternal care have been ignored [and now
misconstrued] when they did propose a series of complex material
actions to be considered, at the very least; since whatever
organization we may find fit to make our lives better will inevitably
be carried out by humans, and we can't have  mentally deranged
persons occupying crucial social positions in a  truly democratic

As to how this should be implemented, it is  an open question, a

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