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Shame on the CIA - Part 1

To: Office of the Inspector General

Subject: Employee Grievance

Reference: DTD 01JUN89

In accordance with reference, I am submitting this as an appeal to the
hostile actions directed against me by the Office of Communications
while I was assigned to OC/MIAMI during the period of January 1986-July
1990. I believe this matter deserves reconsideration because subsequent
actions by the Office of Communications provide ample support for my
claims of unfair and unethical and discriminatory treatment by OC

During my assignment to OC/MIAMI, I requested a second three year
assignment. There was nothing unusual about this request and there are
numerous example in which other individuals were granted such requests
with far less justification than my own. I am convinced that my request
was denied, not because of professional issues, but because OC
management chose to blatantly discriminate against me because I am
Single, White and a Male. If even one of these factors had been
different, I am certain that my request for an additional three-year
assignment would have been granted.

That marital status, race and sex are major factors in OC management's
policies regarding assignments is exemplified by the following examples:

1)  Prior to my arrival, another OC employee had been assigned to
OC/MIAMI. This individual is married and is also a minority. This
individual remains at OC/MIAMI without a specified end-of-tour date
because he claims that his daughter requires special schooling that is
only available in Florida ( the actual school is located over 300 miles
from Miami). OC accepted this as ample justification for the extended
tour despite the fact that the best school of this type in the United
States is located in the Washington DC metro area.  However, since this
individual has repeatedly stated that he will not accept an assignment
to headquarters, OC has extended his assignment indefinitely..

2.  Another individual was assigned to OC/MIAMI and when this
individual's tour was nearing completion, she received an assignment to

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