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(fwd) NEW: CHOMSKY - Discussions on politics and linguisticsNEW: CHOMSKY - Discussions on politics and linguistics

CHOMSKY on listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

   CHOMSKY is an unmoderated discussion list intended as a resource
   for both intellectuals and  followers of his political ideas and
   scholars doing research on Noam Chomsky's contribution to
   linguistics. The basic purpose of the list is to serve both as a
   forum for free political ideas and scholarly discussions on
   linguistics and as a clearinghouse for the distribution of
   information on academic and political conferences, publication
   opportunities, fellowship information, academic grants, and job
   openings of interest to both Chomsky political intellectuals and
   scholars. Subscribers are encouraged to post questions, comments,
   or announcements of interest to individuals working on topics
   related to Chomskyís writings and lectures. Appropriate postings
   might pertain to work currently in progress, the development of
   course materials, bibliographical material of interest to both
   Chomsky intellectuals and linguistic scholars, useful  internet
   resources, and so on.

   The list is for intellectuals, political activists and linguistic
   scholars, interested the ideas of Noam Chomsky without
   restriction according to interest or professional affiliation.
   CHOMSKY is not devoted to any particular niche within the scope of
   Chomskyís oeuvre, but instead welcomes contributions on any aspect
   of the full range of Chomskyís contribution to contemporary
   political stance and linguistic scholarship.  Discussions of the
   contributions of other important thinkers who have developed or
   criticized aspects of Chomskyís work and political activity are
   also welcomed.

   To subscribe to Chomsky, send the following command to
   Listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu in the BODY of e-mail:

        SUBSCRIBE CHOMSKY yourfirstname yourlastname

   For example: SUBSCRIBE CHOMSKY Speach Less

   Owner:  J. C. Garelli  <lagare@attach.edu.ar>

Ian Geldard
London, England

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