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Panpoesis (fwd)Panpoesis

>Steve Turtell wrote:
>This inclusiveness seems only bare-bones common sense to me given the
>endless reiteration this century of the Saussurian gap between the
>signifier and the signified.  ALL words (or symbols, or signs, etc)
>are, ultimately, metaphors.

Good point with Saussure, but of equal worth to mention in re lang.
& symbol: Pierce, Jung, Levi-Strauss, Campbell, Kristeva, and Chomsky.

Also, in reference to the very enticing "all languages poetic" idea,
might we go two steps further and declare a state of Panpoesis or
Omnipoesis--to say, There is poetry in every -one, -thing, -where?

Robert J. Tiess

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