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israel SHAHAK & the Talm*dAmerican Dissident Voices Weekly Transcripts

American Dissident Voices is a world wide radio program which  deals with 
topics of interest that concern people of European descent. We hope that 
these weekly articles will offer the reader  an opposing viewpoint to the 
major news media. 

Jewish Supremacy:

Those Who Want to Dominate a Multiracial Society Are Racial Supremacists; 
Those Who Want to Live in a Healthy, Homogeneous Society Are Racial 

by Kevin Alfred Strom 

 Have you ever noticed the psychological phenomenon in which a person 
will often call attention to the real or imagined faults in others that 
he himself suffers from? The name of this phenomenon is projection, and 
it certainly crops up often in life: the mentally unbalanced man accusing 
others of being "crazy"; the extremely jealous woman accusing her husband 
of not trusting her; the habitual schemer accusing his co-workers of 
plotting against him; the greedy man excoriating his fellows for being 
selfish; etc. 

 This phenomenon is nowhere more apparent than in the controlled media's
readiness to accuse anyone who believes in White survival of being what 
they call a "White supremacist." This has to be the most egregious 
example imaginable of the pot calling the kettle black. 

 Actually, it is more like the pot calling the silverware black, since 
most of
those accused of being  "White supremacists," or in illiterate-speak, 
supremists" [sic], are actually White separatists, a very important 
It is the largely Jewish masters of the media who are supremacists 

 A separatist desires that his people should have freedom and 
independence from domination by other peoples, and to that end he works 
for the day when his people shall be able to live and provide for 
themselves in their own nation, without the burden of an underclass or 
overclass comprised of other peoples. A separatist specifically does not 
desire to be an overclass. He does not want to rule over any other people.
 In fact, a separatist does not want a multiracial society at all. 

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