POWER LINES - The Cartography of Contemporary Control Systems
  B u r e a u   d ' é t u d e s
A presentation and open diskussion

January 17, 2003, 16:00
Public Netbase, Vienna
Zwischenquartier, Burggasse 21 A-1070

How to create usable maps of contemporary systems of population control, in their technological, financial and cultural dimensions? How to oppose the development of those control systems, at the largest scales and over the long term?

This open strategy discussion takes its departure point from the still-evolving cartographic work of the French conceptual group Bureau d'études. The authors of the maps will present various aspects of their work, using digital projections and paper copies, which will be available for participants from January 16 onward at Public Netbase. Critical comments on these maps are a real necessity.

Additional visual presentations will be made by Brian Holmes, Marko Peljhan, Konrad Becker and others. The format will be a large table for all participants, and open debate punctuated by structured presentations.

Themes for the discussion include: BioWar, InfoWar and PsychoWar; the deconstruction of complex machines and the infosculpture of dissident mythologies.