Zuper! is a hypermedia design studio dedicated to using interactive media in a mature way.

Madleine's Mind. Even though this seems to be a "commercial venture", it's worth checking out. Be warned: Without Shockwave - no pleasure...

A very nice page. Look for yourself....

_SPEED_ - An Online Magazine. Interesting content and great visuals you shouldn't miss out on.

ISDM -- Great graphics combined with virtually no content. A perfect mix you shouldn't miss (except maybe if you are the proud owner of a 2400 modem...)

Worried about the child porn your next door neighbour is spreading via Internet? This is the right address for you! Report Internet Indecency NOW!

Always loved the fatty burgers around the corner? Well, you won't like them any more after this! Check out McSpotlight ! McDonald's spends over $1.8 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the whole world - this is a small space for alternatives to be heard.

AMBITIOUS BITCH by Marita Liulia

Run to get the screensaver, while it's still hot!

Even though they moralize a little (and we don't like that, don't we ??), they offer a collection of "mis-explained" scientific "facts".

The Museum of Jurassic Technology
Even if you don't like Museums, this one is certainly worth a visit. The Museum certainly has the best collection of strange and mythologically important objects. And: it does have a GIFTSHOP !

Guerrilla Girls .... you can't resist them !

Join PON... live show in their radio babble, live Fridays 1-3pm New York Time.

Allways wondered what was in the Brief Case? ..... This might give you the answer.

MicroVision by Dennis Kunkel Beautifull (I mean it) images of things we'd otherwise never see. Check it out !!

The 2600 Magazine a must for any netizen... Find out what BAGPIPE, BOOKSTORE, BUNGALOW, HORSEPOWER and TRAIL BREAKER stand for ... and check out a little photo album of nose-picking secret agents.

jodi.org lot's of ascii graphics and clever design !

mindflux even though the general layout doesn't make this magazine very attractive, it's content makes up for it... read texts on how to become a witch and the art of cyberhype.

All New Gen Fight Big Daddy Mainframe

The Amazing Parker Quintuplets Visit KATE, the opinionated rambler, JANE, your drink fixer, DORIS, your happy home maker, EVE, who knows where all the good stuff is, JULIET, who knows her Balzac, Barbie and Bardot. A must for any surfress.

The Church of the Subgenius They got something for everybody...
o0(PRAISE "BOB"!!)0o.

Alternative X If you're over 18 ;-) check out Dirty Desires ... enjoy.

Next 5 min. Conference on TACTICAL MEDIA Amsterdam/Rotterdam

Even though you might not be able to attend this conference (that is thought to be one of *the* underground events this year) there still are ways to participate from your home: through the hypermedia interfaces of The Institute for New Culture Technologies.

e~scape Saturday, 20th of January 1996 starting at 21:13 pm MET to 5:00 am you will be able to send audio files (preferably .wav. or .au) and text-based emails to Amsterdam where they will be mixed into the ongoing electronic music live performances of Scanner (UK), Technohead/G.T.O. (UK), MONOTON (AUT), Liza 'N Eliaz (BE), No Sweat (NL), Dano (NL).
Send emails to n5m@xs4all.nl.

Media Filter

maintained by Paul Garrin features various initatives like War Zone - Opening communications through dialogue and free media to people living in a state of WAR - Sarajevo Pipeline -Direct dialogue between the war torn regions of the former Yugoslavia and the Internet community - and houses the famous Covert Action Quarterly - a good source of not usually broadcasted news.

Internal Reality
You want to know what *reality is* ? Go and check out the internal reality site and it`ll make you wonderfully confused... especially the blind spot thing is really distressing if you meditate on it.

The Body Missing Project

The Web extension of the Body Missing project, an inquiry begun in Toronto and Linz, 1994, into the Kunstraub (art theft) policies of the Third Reich, the proposed Führermuseum, and the fate of artworks missing after World War II.
A particular focus of these conversations has been the Sonderauftrag (Special Assignment) Linz, Hitler's little-publicized but systematic plan to acquire art works by any means, including theft and forced sale, for the proposed Führermuseum in Linz, his boyhood home town.
Take your time and get lost...

The Electronic Disturbance by Critical Art Ensemble
@ Public Netbase

their self-description:

The Bionomics Institute
economy-as-ecosystem A refreshingly different approach towards economics and the future of our world...

How does Bionomics differ from conventional economics?

To begin with, all traditional schools of economics are based on the concepts of classical physics, while bionomics is based on the principles of evolutionary biology. Isaac Newton described the universe as a perfectly predictable clockwork mechanism. And orthodox economics describes the "economy as a machine." Everyday, we hear about "jump-starting" or "fine-tuning" the "economic engine." We're told that the "economy is losing steam" or that the government needs to repair a failed "market mechanism." Like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, deep down we imagine ourselves as cogs in a vast, invisible economic machine.

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