Molecular Clinic 1.0

Seiko Mikami at the Artlab.
Biological viruses - visual and transformabel.
Online from Oct. 20 1995 till Apr.30 1996.

Welcome to TechnoSphere

Construct an artificial life-form from component descriptions, place them in the world and ......... see what happens !

Mobile ROBOTS Archiv

A great starting point for everyone interested in mobile robot and Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle (IAV) related information; including:

Robot Simulators on the Net

"....... an attempt to provide a centralized source of information on sites and groups that are producing robot simultion software which might be of interest to the academic or research community."


International workshop University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
December 4-6, 1995.

MERCURY PROJECT - Robotic Tele-Excavation

Combined robotics and archaeology in an interactive art installation. The Mercury Project was online for 7 months (1 Sep 1994 - 31 March 1995). The site provides everything about the project as well as a new Tele-Robotic Installation:

The Tele-Garden

View and interact with a remote garden filled with living plants.

The egg of the Internet

.... not laid yet ...........
by netband: Franz Feigl, Erik Hobijn, Dick Verdult, Debra Solomon, Stock.

.... hints are welcome ......