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We are the young radio station “Laluna” from Lithuania.We are a regional FM/cable radio station , but we have nearly 500,000 listeners.We are based in the only part of Lithuania Klaipëda. We cover the Western part of Lithuania with our programs.Radio station “Laluna” has been existing a little bit more than half a year and it is very young and inexperienced,but it already has it’s devoted listeners.We would like to draw your attention that the range of our broadcasting covers all the biggest resorts of Lithuania which are near the Baltic Sea.Many tourists not only from over the Lithuania but from Western Europe as well come to spend their holidays to theseresorts.
 At present we are going through hard times because there is no such a thing as free market in all the past Soviet countries yet , not talking about music industry.That is why we get CDs and LPs and all the music news very overduely and sometimes the information does not reach us at all.
 On the other hand the interest in western culture ,including music , is very high in Eastern Europe. So we could popularize things which could be useful for you if not now then in the nearest future.
 We are broadcasting various music ,which mainly accesible to everyone.
 We are not rich because the business of radio stations has started not long ago.That is why we are asking your help and support.You could advise us both the newest and not so new music.Our radiostation would popularize your name and production.In short,we would like to co-operate with you and if you think you could have some use from the cooperation with us we would be really happy.
 We are looking forward to your answer.
 Sincerely yours
 Daivaras . Urbonas
 P.O Box 581
 5813 Klaipeda