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Yer vrml site

Hey guys and gals... y'all got a great site. I'm really impressed
 with your vrml and html skills, your stuff is beautifull.
 I was wondering if you were aware that you're using nodes that are
 not VRML 1.0, such as spline paths and rotations. While I don't
 have an inherent problem with these things, they definately aren't 
 vrml, they're iv. I hope this doens't sound nitpicking, and I don't 
 mean to detract from the very, very impressive work that you've done. 
 I just wouldn't call it vrml. Question: do you know how browsers that
 don't deal with non-vrml 1.0 node will intrepret, say, your spinning
 axes? Will they just not spin, might they not be rendered at
 all, or will the entire file not load? 
 If you're interested, we've come up with some vrml optimization tools
 that you might be interested in; they'll significantly reduce the
 size of your .wrl files, with no loss of rendering accuracy.
 I'd love to chat with any of you about vrml shit; I'm part of 
 the vrml team that put together the Interactive Media Festival's 
 Variety VRML site (http://www.arc.org), perhaps you've seen it.
 I'm presently involved in a startup business here in San 
 Francisco; we're going to be offereing html and vrml content, as 
 well as integrating whatever other cool new net tech comes down 
 the pipe. 
 Send me some email and let's talk!
 --adam gould